Women in the Bible

name Akili Kumasi is the President of GIL Publications (http://www.gilpublications.com), the co-founder WomenInBible.com (http://www.womeninbible.com) and the author of numerous articles and books including 101 Women in the Bible and Bible Word Search, Vol. II: Women in the Bible. Akili can be reached at Kumasi@womeninbible.com.

The Martha Syndrome and the Mary Solution

09th March 2007
Mary and Martha God used the story of two well-known women in the Bible to demonstrate to us the type of relationship He wants with each of us. You might remember that in one story Jesus was visiting the home of the two sisters when Martha came to ... Read >

About the History of the Christian Fish Symbol

26th January 2007
In recent years the Christian Fish Symbol has been affixed on the back of cars, made into key chains and is visible in many other locations. Christians use it to demonstrate to the world that they are believers in the only one true God. The Origin of t... Read >